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Notice of Upcoming Events:

March for Medicare for All - July 24, 2021

Military Park - 51 Park Pl - Newark, NJ

The March 4 Medicare 4 All

Sat. July 24th, 2021
11 A.M.

Military Park
51 Park Pl
Newark, NJ 07102
For more information, visit m4m4all.org

Here are some ways you can help NJUHC build
the movement for Medicare for All in NJ:

You can do some of these tasks on your own. Some require that you learn skills or work with other NJUHC volunteers. Send a message to njuniversalhealthcare@gmail.com, tell us what you want to do, and we will connect you with the right people.

  • Add your name, email and phone # to our contact list for info about future projects and updates about our work. We send out an e-newsletter about once a month.
  • Tell your friends, family, and co-workers about Medicare for All and invite them to our events.
  • Join NJUHC! We have two kinds of memberships. Organizations can become embers if they share our mission, and pay annual dues of $100. Organizational members may nominate representatives to serve on our Board. Individual member dues are $25/year, and give you the opportunity to serve on Board Committees.
  • Lead or be part of a NJUHC organizing team in the NJ legislative district where you live. Our teams meet with legislators, and may use various organizing tactics to encourage their support for Medicare for All in NJ (A2269 and S2598).
  • Lead or be part of Congressional District team where you live. Our teams meet with members of Congress to encourage their support for HR676 and S1804.
  • Call Senator Menendez at one of his NJ offices and tell him to co-sponsor S1804. The phone at his Newark office is: (973) 645-3030 and in Barrington: (856) 757-5353.
  • Organize educational events about Medicare for All. Building a movement means getting more and more people to understand and support Medicare for All.
  • Join our Speakers’ Bureau as speaker, or supporter who helps make sure speakers have what they need (based on region where person lives). All speakers must attend a training workshop that NJUHC conducts on an as-needed basis.
  • Take responsibility for social media updates. We have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, and we are trying to build one on Instagram. All require regular updates and new postings to hold interest. You can help us maintain an on-line presence that is substantive and interesting.
  • Get trained and in our rotation to prepare monthly e-newsletters to our list serve. We use open source software called Civi-CRM. It is relatively easy to use.
  • Be an on-line listener. Utilize tools like google alerts, tags, RSS readers, Twitter searches, etc. to stay on top of what on-line communications are saying about Medicare for All. Help us use that information to build our base.
  • Register to vote, if not registered, and then vote for candidates that support Medicare for All.

For more information about current legislation, click here!

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